with Kamran Loghman

What does neuroscience and the study of consciousness have to do with corporate leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship? How do the strategies and tactics of the mediaeval Japanese Samurai contribute to strategic decision making and business advancement? Is it possible to actively invoke a creative and innovative mindset? Why did ancient Yogis practice the art of warfare? Why does the CERN nuclear facility have a statue of Shiva, a Hindu god standing guard? What was happening before the big bang and why understanding this phenomena can change everything we know? What can certain species of insects teach us about work and relationship? Is consciousness produced by the brain or is it separate from it? What was the contribution of Okinawa Karate to the training of US fighter pilots, and how can that change the way we work? These and many more…

In his new podcast series, Kamran Loghman will dive into rarely discussed topics regarding business, work, and life. He will cover topics, philosophies and practices that have influenced some of the most enlightened minds and luminaries that the world has known. Join Kamran for frank and fascinating discussions as he uncovers hidden wisdom from ancient times to the modern era, with an unexpected response of, “WOW!”

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